January Monthly Challenge:

Challenge: make one crock pot meal a day. This will take some creativity, but most crock pot meals don’t require very much prep work, and dinner is ready when you get home from work!

Reason: It will save you time. We all know that more time is needed. If you have more time to do other things, your stress level will drop, and will give you more time to better you life by spending more time with loved ones, doing other needed things around the house that you never have time to do, or simply giving you a night of rest, which I am sure you body is in need of.

Quote: “Before you self diagnose yourself with depression, make sure your not just surrounded with ass holes” - Unknown

Additional one time Challenges for the Over achievers:

* Start a “Project 365” Not a cheesy self portrait one (we all know we don’t want 365 pictures of ourselves…) but more of an “a year in the life of me” one. At the end of the month go ahead and scrapbook them. In a year it will be interesting to look back. But it’s a lot of work and motivation.

* Write a letter. You know, those things that we sent back before cell phones and computers. I promise you it is way more exciting to send, and receive letters. Do it.

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